KS4 Options

Decision time!

This site will help you in making decisions about your next steps. You have been building your knowledge and experience in a broad range of subjects over the last few years, now it's time to decide which subjects you feel you can shine in, and the ones you need on your CV to get where you want to be in the future. 

It's time to make some decisions!

Use the subject videos and information sheets on the subject page to reflect on which are right for you. There are also contact email addresses for subject leads if you have any questions.

The online form to log your options will open on Monday 6th February and you have until Friday 24th February to choose. You'll get support in your Life lesson to help you reflect on the right choices for you, and you can edit your choices up until 24th February if you change your mind.

It's important to remember it is not first come first served for choices. We aim to give as many students as we can their first choices, and we look at how you have demonstrated your ability in the last few years if we need to make adjustments. Whatever happens, we'll be in touch if we need to make any changes.

Make the most of the time you have now to talk through your ideas with as many people as possible, including your parents, relatives, teachers and others you trust for advice. I look forward to hearing your final decision.

Jon Morgan

Deputy Headteacher

How many subjects can I choose?

You can choose three subjects to complete your timetable. One must be from Geography, History, French or Spanish.

What can I choose from?

You must choose at least one from…

Then choose two more from any shown above or below…

  • You cannot choose BTEC Art & Design and GCSE Photography as these cover similar content
  • GCSE Computer Science is only available to those who have demonstrated the required Mathematical expertise. You will have been notified by email if this applies to you. Email Mr Morgan if you wish to discuss further or have not recieved an email. 

It's wise to keep your choices broad in case your future career ideas change!

What do I need to do next?